Lady Laurel Kay Pendragon (kaypendragon) wrote in the_d_and_b,
Lady Laurel Kay Pendragon

Out and about this fall

The D&B will be showing up in all our finery at the following events:

Sunday, October 24: The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Saturday October 30: 4th ANNUAL CONFESSORE HALLOWEEN PARTY! (This is a private event.)

Sunday November 7th: The Rock Creek Cemetery Potluck: A Those Who Mourn event. 2PM - 6PM at the Rock Creek Cemetery in DC

Sunday December 5: Holiday Greens Sale at Fort Hunter. 12:30 – 4:30 pm

Sunday December 12: Merry meetup at the United States Botanical Gardens in DC.

Feel Free to come out and visit us. If you let us know you're coming to see us, we'll even look for you!
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