Lady Laurel Kay Pendragon (kaypendragon) wrote in the_d_and_b,
Lady Laurel Kay Pendragon

D&B Trip!

The crew of the Death and Breakfast Inn are going to be touring downtown DC on August 8, 2010! (That's this Sunday!)

We will arrive at the Shady Grove metro station around 11 am and metro on the red line to the Judiciary Square station (arriving at approx 11:45am). This puts us across the street from The National Building Museum where we will hopefully visit the Lego exhibit. (Admission to the exhibition is $5 per person. Admission to the museum is free.)

Sometime between 1pm and 2pm, we will begin our stroll to the National Geographic museum. There is about a half hour walk between the two and we may stop for food along the way. If it's devastatingly hot or people are tired, we may also be convinced to metro between the two.

In any case, sometime between 2 and 3 pm, we will arrive at the National Geographic museum to view the Da Vinci-The Genius exhibit. (Admission to this exhibition is free.)

If we have not already stopped for food, we will locate a suitable venue for supper after visiting Da Vinci. At the end of our day, we will depart at the Farragut North Metro Station and head back to Shady Grove.

This will be a highly informal meet up. You're welcome to meet us at any leg of the journey. We'll look for you if you tell us to wait at a particular place and time or I will happily provide you with my mobile number so you can find us, if you ask ahead of time. Pretty clothes are nice, but not a must. If you feel like showing up in your lego t-shirt, no one will make fun of you.
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