Lady Laurel Kay Pendragon (kaypendragon) wrote in the_d_and_b,
Lady Laurel Kay Pendragon

The D&B sponsors: A Victorian Menagerie Stroll in Washington DC

Sunday August 23
A Victorian Menagerie Stroll
at the National Zoo in Washington DC

Victoran/Edwardian/Steampunk dress required

Join us for a bring-your-own picnic lunch at noon at the Panda Cafe.
Lady Pendragon will be bringing Turnovers and Cookies, as well as Iced Tea.

Stroll begins at 1pm
We will begin on the Olmstead walk at the Panda Cafe and continue along the Valley Trail to end up with a trip through the Amazonia Building.

Travel info: The Harrisburg Gang will be driving to the outskirts of DC and metro-ing in from the SHADY GROVE station to the WOODLEY PARK-ZOO METRO STATION. We will probably also be having dinner somewhere in the Woodley Park area.
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